Speed. Agility. Perspective.

Your Why

  • Gain a new perspective on your competitive landscape
  • Engage your team in a dynamic spatial setting
  • Learn and use new reference points for market dynamics
  • Dramatically improve your organization’s decision analysis and course correction
  • Learn to anticipate your various options (move with speed and agility)

The IMM How

What if your life depended on identifying, analyzing and acting on a critical piece of information? One group who does this exceptionally well is the US Special Forces. IMM leverages retired Special Forces personnel to design highly unique and interactive,immersive urban spy games to align with the desired business outcomes of our clients. Image maneuvering through your local downtown arena with a completely new lens. No urban setting is beyond our ability to ensure that your next leadership program isanything but dull. Hooah!

The IMM Wow

Special Forces Personnel

Direct connection between gaming and business scenarios

Collaborative communication style

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