Rejuvenate. Restore. Refocus.

Your Why

  • Disconnect from distractions that are hindering your organization’s growth
  • Encourage self-care through healthy rituals and banish burnout
  • Develop a clear, focused, and calming environment within your leadership team
  • Reinvigorate your team’s energy
  • Refocus and align the team with the organization’s vision and direction

The IMM How

How can you continue to encourage a healthy work/life balance while staying ahead in the industry? IMM Rejuvenate Experiences are designed to disconnect, restore, and refocus your team with your organization’s vision and goals. What if you created an opportunity for yourself and your team to first slow down, so you can speed up, and have a work environment that encourages healthy rituals while hitting your organizations benchmarks?

The IMM Wow

The retreat experience

Survival without cellphones (digital detox)

Peace and quiet

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