So Many Places To Go

The Podcast for Meeting and Event Professionals

Season One is HERE!  

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A podcast for meeting and event professionals

So Many Places to Go is a podcast with “Planagers” (meeting and event planners + managers) and venues of all kinds, having informational and fun conversations, in order to learn and share the info you're looking for in a modern and easy to understand way.

Our aim is to promote the venues and destinations we love,

learn more about future-favorites, and provide the most relevant information to listeners through a planner-specific-lens.

And Here’s Why We’re Excited:


  • Creating an on-demand resource
  • Talking about the things planners like to know
  • Promotion of fantastic destinations and venues
  • Providing a tool that everyone can utilize
  • And a few other surprises to come!

We're getting the content loaded and ready to release for YOU! Stay tuned for more and check here for updates...


1-2 members of the IMM Team, usually Catie & Amanda,  and occasionally a friend/colleague co-host.

1-2 representatives from meeting and event venues from all over! That could be hotels, conference centers, restaurants, concert halls, museums, etc. The representatives might be from sales, catering, conference services, marketing, PR, etc. – that is up to you!

The More the Merrier! We are recording “bundle” or overview episodes for destinations and hotel groups, plus separate episodes for each venue so we can get specific.

We’ll keep the content as evergreen as possible, for example by recording periodic updates, or  new episodes as needed.

We will start with 10 recorded episodes. After that, our goal will to be release new seasons with a a small variety of venue/destination types. Then, we hope to gain momentum and add episodes to the  library as often as possible.

Around 30-40 minutes, though each may vary.

“Planagers” – a.k.a. planners/managers, new and seasoned, from all areas of meetings, events, association, corporate, etc.

We will post materials and links from our featured guests here on  the website, and via emails and social media. 

This podcast was created as a positive, value-adding resource for our industry and our amazing tourism and hospitality partners.  Right now, we are asking our venue guests for a small contribution, to help us cover the direct costs of production (so we can deliver the best possible product and listener experience).  For more info reach out.

We are happy to talk about sponsorship opportunities! (we have some fun ideas).  MOST importantly, our sponsors are industry sponsors we trust and endorse to our colleagues.

We can be flexible and customize partnership models that are mutually beneficial. At this time, the following standard opportunities are available through sponsor partnerships:

  • Recognition and links on the website, social media and emails
  • Dedicated partnership post on social media
  • Verbal promotion by podcast hosts (30-60 seconds)
  • Guest-spot on podcast (you join us for a “mini-interview” (1-2 min) to promote in your own words)
  • The number of episodes your partnership will apply will be based on your “partnership package”

First, we believe this is a relationship business/industry. Second, our key goal is to get great content to our listeners. “Great content” includes great providers as well – we want to promote quality tools, services and products that we believe in and that are beneficial for event professionals. We also see suppliers and service providers (all “non-planners”) as partners in our industry, and want you to be successful as well. This is meant as a WIN and a TOOL to help the industry and create something new and exciting, and we want everyone to be a part of it!


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