Operations and Administration

Extend your team with collaboration and outsourcing.

We don't just "support clients," we form partnerships, and serve as an extension of your team. Some of the greatest value we can bring is the added value of a seasoned team with the expertise, experience, efficiency, etc. you wish you had full-time. Just imagine: no training or risking your reputation with new contractors – it’s like that dream of wishing you had “another you!”

Work smarter, not harder.​

Don't reinvent the wheel - leverage it to gain more ground! Our long-term background in association management provides us with extensive experience in everything it takes to run a small business or non-profit organization.

That's right... budgeting; executive leadership boards; committees; membership; marketing; education and resources; timelines; strategic planning; project management; communication writing and design; website and apps; program development and more. 

When we work together,
amazing things can happen.​

We know - we already said that on the Meetings page - because it's that important! We want to provide the most valuable support, while maximizing your resources (time, team, financial, etc.). Our goal is to make the process simple for you by taking the burden off of you, so you can focus on your passion and expertise. We bring a personal touch to what can be a challenge that may be outside of your wheelhouse, and right in ours. When we work together this way,
the potential is limitless.

Interested in putting on a meeting or event?

Let’s start the conversation about what IMM can design, especially for you.

How our team can support yours

Meetings and Conferences

Scientific & Educational Program Planning

Social Activities & Special Events

Association and Non-profit Management

Executive Board & Leadership Meetings

Strategic Retreats

Special Program Development

Enduring Materials & Online Education


Site Selection

Contract Negotiation

Logistics Management


Membership Services

Continuing Education Credit Designation

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